Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kimbap, Korean Sushi!

This is Kimbap! 

It's a Koreean roll that looks a LOT like sushi we are familiar with, but it has sliced carrots, picked radish (you can purchase), fish cake, fried eggs, spinach, crab stick and of course, rice & seaweed.

If you've ever made sushi, this is made exactly the same way.  If you've never made sushi before - it's really easy!  Nothing but some sliced veggies, cooked rice, wrapped up in a piece of seaweed.  Nothing to it!

Only a few different ingredients that you can find in the asian, ethnic or health food sections of most stores.  Or if you're like me, head down to your local asian food store and they'll DEFINITELY have what you need.  I live in Hawaii most of the year, so everything in this is pretty readily available at any supermarket.

Find the full recipe, directions & step-by-step photos at:  Beyond Kimchee .

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