Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tea Time Punch

Tea Time Punch
Recipe by Jim Meehan, owner of PDT in New York City 

What you’ll need:
24 oz. tea
12 oz Banks rum (or other white rum)
6 oz Grand Marnier
6 oz lime juice (squeeze it fresh for a brighter flavor)
6 oz simple syrup (boil 1 cup of water, and stir in 1 cup of sugar and allow to dissolve. Allow to cool before using.)
A few grates of nutmeg

How to make it:
1. Measure ingredients into bowl and use a ladle to stir them together.
2. Add ice (if you have access to bigger cubes, use them).
3. Grate nutmeg directly over the bowl. Pours 9 6-ounce cups.

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